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For Les Brünettes, the 4 is far more than a number: four equal artists, singers, songwriters and makers make Les Brünettes. It’s great that these young and self-confident women have set out on their own path: The female way of a cappella.Juliette Brousset, Stephanie Neigel, Julia Pellegrini and Lisa Herbolzheimer have definitely freed the a cappella genre from ballast and rules. Four musical identities and temperaments meet again and again. What emerges is as entertaining, appealing and magical as life itself. And very feminine!

Les Brünettes have arrived at their new program 4 completely with themselves. They process, in exclusively own songs, what happens in their Now: It’s about love; whether it’s for your child, your lover or the lost love for yourself. About birth experiences and #hashtags. They also ask questions outside their own sensitivities: What does freedom mean? Where to put the anger about prevailing injustices, especially against women? Les brunettes are about standing up for values, about responsibility for our planet. And about the fact that sometimes humor is simply the best answer…

Stylistically, funk and house beats meet rap and chanson, soulful elements or simply the best pop songwriting. The consistent motif? Groove! You hear beatbox, body percussion, clapping, stomping, breathing and kissing!

That Les Brünettes stand for an open world and sing about them in three different languages and hope for them, this thread runs through their music and lyrics. And of course their magnificent solo voices.

Four girlfriends who know each other inside and out, four opinions that don’t always come together and yet work side by side. Without a boss, without a tone setter. Maybe it is this unusual band concept that makes Les Brünettes so special and fascinates their listeners again and again…


1 You will be gone

2 Spieglein Spieglein


4 One overdose de toi


6 Barefoot

7 Un château sous l’eau

8 Adalina

9 Mein Liebster

10 Küssen

11 Liebe

12 Auf Anfang