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05.04.24 Dinkelsbühl
06.04.24 Niederbronn (FR)
04.05.24 Wolfsburg
22.06.24 Kaiserslautern
03.08.24 Friedrichshafen
20.09.24 Schloß Kapfenburg
21.09.24 Hayingen
16.11.24 Alzey

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  • Dinkelsbühl / Hotel Goldene Rose/ tbaThe Beatles Close-Up



  • Niederbronn (FR) / tba / tba4



  • Wolfsburg / Scharoun Theater / 20.004



  • Kaiserslautern / Lange Nacht der Kulturen, Fruchthalle Kaiserslautern / tbaMixed Show



  • Friedrichshafen / Kulturufer / 20.00feat. Unduzo



  • Schloß Kapfenburg / Trude Eipperle Rieger-Konzertsaal / 20.00Best of



  • Hayingen / Wimsener Kulturmühle / 20.00The Beatles Close-Up



  • Alzey / Mensa der Gymnasien / 20.004


It’s no secret: the music industry makes new “stars” like a production-line.  All the more reason to welcome arms wide “Les Brünettes”, four young confident women who found their own path: The female way of a cappella.
It all started in 2010, in Mannheim, when the four women, each a light-eyed brunette, met as students at Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts. Their friendship, and a desire to combine their talents, lead them to start a group in 2011 that soon attracted attention: Les Brünettes. Right from the start they went for complex and virtuoso arrangements that gave them rapid recognition from both the press and their peers. They established themselves rapidly on the european A cappella scene, which was dominated at the time by mixed groups. All four, composers and arrangers, not dissuaded by the lack of material for that type of ensemble and immediately began writing their own custom-made repertoire. 
Laureats of the International A cappella Contest of Leipzig, of the international A capella contest “Vokal.total.2013” in Graz (Austria) and of the Scala Vokal Contest in Ludwigsburg in 2015, they took home First prize from the international contest “Finsterwalde Sänger” later that year.
It’s not simply the virtuosity and beauty of these four different yet complementary voices of Les Brünettes that are so impressive, but also the powerful emotions they awaken. Indeed, Les Brünettes choose their repertoire meticulously, without giving in to mainstream influence of the top 40. Following their first album in 2012, which was very jazzy, and the start of their collaboration with Herzog Records Label, they  follow up in 2014 with “A Women Thing” a tribute to great female singers who inspired them. Their next album came out in 2017, after two years of hard work, writing, and a memorable recording session at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London “The Beatles Close-Up”, a personal wide-angle view of the most famous group in the world. It was their way of reinterpreting songs of their stars, at the same time original, honest, and respectful.
The result goes straight to the heart.
In 2020, in the midst of the worldwide changes, Les Brünettes offer to their public their fourth Album : “4”, 4 times four titles marked with pop, jazz, and funk influences and even rap, written themselves, to explore new esthetical sounds. It is an invitation to join them in an eclectic univers of four artists, four friends, four women, with distinct lives and personalities that criss-cross and tune in together. 
​With over 350 concerts, they have established themselves beyond the world of A cappella, thanks to collaborations with groups with international reputations such as the Pasadena Roof Orchestra from London and the HR Big Band. Since the adaptation in 2018 for Big Band of part of their repertoire, they have become regular guests of renowned orchestras.  
​Described by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (the widest-circulated German newspaper abroad and a leader in Germany), as a “beauty voluptuously aristocratic” (sic!), Les Brünettes were invited on television shows, including ZDF Heute Journal, the Kölner Treff of WDR, Kaffee oder Tee (SWR, “Tea or Coffee”), at the Landesschau Baden-Württemberg, and also on radio shows, some of which Klassik-Pop-et cetera (Deutschland Funk), and are widely followed by the press.

Juliette Brousset

Even at the most lofty of heights, Juliette’s crystal-clear soprano is breezy and subtle, adding an amazing brilliance to the sound of Les Brünettes. The French singer writes her own chansons and jazz numbers, presenting them with irresistible charm.

Born in Alsace, Juliette grew up in a musical family who played, sung and listened to classical music, jazz and, of course, chansons. It comes as no surprise then that Juliette’s style is a blend of all of these influences. Her voice combines the levity and imagination of a Marilyn Monroe with the depth of a Sarah Vaughan. Her pieces are soundscapes involving complex harmonies and rhythms and her lyrics are tinged with a hint of wistful nostalgia.

Juliette studied acting and dramaturgy at the Ècole Nationale de Musique, Danse et Théâtre Mulhouse. In 2012, she obtained a bachelor degree in Jazz Vocals from the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts and in 2014 a master degree from the University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar.

As the front woman of the French swing-chanson band Moi et les autres, Juliette Brousset regularly performs live and often features with the band on the radio (for instance on the Kulturlunch programme broadcast from the Hessischer Rundfunk studio). Juliette is often invited by major orchestras (among them Mannheimer Bläserphilharmonie, Kicks n’ Sticks Big Band Mannheim, Stadtorchester Villingen) to sing solo on her own chanson and jazz arrangements.


Stephanie Neigel

Stephanie, the all-rounder among Les Brünettes, has a velvety voice that is equally at home in the bass range and lead soprano. Sometimes humorous, sometimes reflective, her compositions cover an equally diverse range.

Someone was always singing in Stephanie’s family: When she was small, her mother sang her good-night songs in bed. They also listened to CDs of her famous aunt Jule who Stephanie saw in concert when she was still young. Emulating Whitney Houston, one of the greatest voices of our times, Stephanie never stopped singing and started discovering the world through her own songs while sitting at her parents’ piano. Stephanie captures fresh musical impressions, encounters and beautiful words that melt on the tongue, transforms them and brings them to life in her music.

She received her bachelor degree from the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts and her master degree from the University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar.

Stephanie is the frontwoman of Stephanie Neigel & Band who are set to release their third studio album featuring original songs in 2017. Her duo Neigelböhlen performs musical versions of poems while her Neigel meets Stelter duo focuses on the rediscovery of songs written by herself and her vocal partner Daniel Stelter. As well as being a popular ‘side-woman’ in bands such as the Paul Fox Collective from Luxembourg, Stephanie has played at the Sapporo Jazz Festival in Japan, has worked with Al Jarreau, the HR-Bigband and Tanita Tikaram and has played studio concerts for SR and SWR. Thanks to her extensive experience in the big-band world, both as a soloist and as an ensemble member, she works as a vocal coach and lecturer for Capitol Mannheim, Jazzhausschule Köln and the University of Music in Osnabrück.


Julia Pellegrini

The distinctive and sensitive vocals of Les Brünettes’ first Alto and Mezzosoprano add a bright transparency to the quartet’s sound. Her groovy songs are amazingly catchy and surprisingly complex at the same time.

With both her parents classical string players and her older brother a drummer, Julia was destined from birth to become a musician. She started off with classical piano, but preferred to listen to pop songs on the radio instead of practising her sonatas. The musical diversity surrounding her soon bore fruit: She took her inspiration from sources as varied as US songwriters such as James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, compositions by Kurt Weil, Ravel’s work and not least her own songs. The latter are an organic blend of the diverse influences of classical, pop and jazz, and include all the ingredients that go towards making a good song. In 2011, Julia received her master degree in jazz vocals from the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts where she had also completed her Bachelor degree two years previously. She has been employed as soloist by various big bands, orchestras and choirs (among them Erstes Akkordeonorchester Freiburg, Kammerchor Mannheim, Ansbacher
Kammerorchester), has been singing for years in various line-ups from jazz quintets to pop trios, has composed music for the a cappella beatbox textbook ‘beatbox your choir’ (Schott Verlag) and
has been a member of the panel of judges at Jugend Musiziert. On top of this, she has a teaching position in the field of pop and jazz vocal school music at the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts. In 2013, together with Sandy Patton, she substituted for Prof. Ann Malcolm, taking over her repertoire semester at the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts.

Lisa Herbolzheimer

Lisa’s smoky, exhilarating voice provides the solid foundation to the Brünettes sound. Her arrangements and compositions reflect her soul background.

Lisa grew up in thoroughly musical environment: As a child, she sang along with the songs on her dad’s extensive Beatles collection or watched musicals, such as High Society, with him until she could sing along with the entire soundtrack. Thanks to her grandfather Peter Herbolzheimer, the famous leader of renowned big bands, jazz was part of the family’s everyday life. Julia’s musical vocation thus ran in the family. Her powerful vocals reflect the role music plays in her life: it is both her life elixir and her life expression. She writes predominantly about things that move her, in the language she feels most at home in: German.

In June 2011, Lisa completed her studies in jazz vocals at the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts and received her master degree from the University of Music in Weimar in October 2012.

Lisa sang in a TV show for many years and has performed in a number of her own pop and jazz line-ups, both as lead singer and background singer. She has also sung with big bands and orchestras, most recently with Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg, and is a sought-after recording artist in the pop/jazz fields. On the ‘Manfred Krug – seine Lieder’ tribute album, which is coming out in 2017, she sings alongside artists such as Ulrich Tukur, Jan Josef Liefers and Jan Plewka.



The Beatles Close-Up

A Women Thing

Les Brünettes