Les Brünettes Debüt CD


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The debut of Les Brünettes contributes to the renaissance of vocal singing. Sometimes warm and tender, sometimes cheeky, sometimes full of passion. A broad repertoire of jazzy pieces, soulful pop songs and virtuously arranged standards. And how Les Brünettes do this has the magic of the old days. Blatantly beautiful, how four individual voices in unison evoke a world of longings. It still works in our present.


1. Bye Bye Blackbird (music & words by  M. Dixon/R. Henderson, arr. by A. Arabian)
2. I Care
(music, words & arr. by J. Pellegrini)
3. Little Sunflower
(music by F. Hubbard, words: old german folksong “Es saß ein klein wild Vögelein”, arr. by L. Herbolzheimer)
4. Trau Dich
(music & words by L. Herbolzheimer, arr. by L. Herbolzheimer/Les Brünettes)
5. Je Pense A Toi 
(music, words & arr. by J. Brousset)
6. Kabelsalat
(music, words & arr. by S. Neigel)
7. Round Midnight
(music & words by T. Monk/B. Hanighen, arr. by R. Cranshaw)
8. Die Gedanken Sind Frei
(music & words: old german folksong, arr. by T. Stabenow)
9. And So It Goes
(music & words by B. Joel, arr. by K. Shaw)
10. Home
(music & words by H. Binns/S. Hardaker/T. Dickow/D. Madden, arr. by L. Herbolzheimer)
11. The Moon And The Stars
(music, words & arr. by S. Neigel)